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I'm an IT consultant with more than 10 years of experience in developing high-class solutions to large-scale, private and government owned, companies world-wide.

My academic background, an undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering (Federal University of Itajuba - Brazil, 1999) and a graduate degree in Management (McGill University - Canada, 2009) have been the foundations of my professional expertise, but pursuing the acquisition of knowledge and new skills has been the history of my life.

I started my professional career working at Sisgraph-Hexagon, a Swedish company providing innovative solutions to the Utilities Market (Energy, Oil and Gas, Water and waste-water). During almost 5 years, I worked with projects related to GIS (Geographic Information Systems), Oracle Databases and Microsoft Development Platforms and Programming tools, but working close to the sales department I was constantly required to travel for doing technical presentations, seminars and specialized market fairs.

In 2004, I joined Atos International, the largest IT Company in Europe. It was an important moment in my career, because for the first time I had a professional contact with Microsoft .Net Framework and C# language. There, I had the chance to work in two major mandates: Fleury Laboratories (Healthcare) and ABN-Amro Bank. Both were outsourcing projects requiring me to work very close to customers.

Being selected as a skilled professional by the Ministère d'Immigration et Communautés Culturelles Québec I moved to Canada in 2006, in order to further develop my personal and professional skills. At the same year I started to work to CGI, at Valcartier Military Base, by developing the communication module of BattleView, the Canadian Army tool responsible for the battle field logistics. I finalized my activities at CGI by working to Deutsche Bank - NY.

From 2007 until the beginning of 2012, I worked to Quantum Management Services where I was part of the team in charge of, among others, creating a solution to produce Financial Reports, generating and sending electronic invoices, online timesheets, integrating their Payroll with Microsoft Business Solutions - Navision, building an in-house solution for managing the whole Human Resources business conducted by the company, and Migrating legacy Fox Pro systems to SQL Server for the offices in Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa, Québec City and New York. Working with .Net Framework 4.0+ I have been impressed by LINQ, especially by the Entity Framework, a technology that I strongly believe will change the way we deal with Data Access Layers, thanks heaven for that!

In 2011, after having passed through all requirements of the Canadian Government, including interviews and exams, I became Canadian Citizen.

In 2012, I started to work at CN (Canadian National Railway), largest railway company of Canada, where besides been Team Foundation and Sharepoint administrator I'm working inside the Agile team to provide fast and reliable solutions to our daily business needs.

By working and studying different technologies and methodologies, I became Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) in 2005, Microsoft Certified Application Developer (MCAD) in 2006, Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) in 2006. I'm currently studying to become Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS), ITIL Foundation (HM Government) and CAPM (PMI) certified professional, and I hope these goals would be achieved anytime soon.


This Site

My first website came out on 1998, since then a lot of things have changed on the way websites are conceived and appreciated. The idea of creating this professional portfolio came with the passing of the years, as an IT solution's developer involved in a lot of different projects I started to notice that traditional two-pages resume was no longer able to describe my skills with all the details I wanted to, so I decided to conceive a kind of extended version of my resume, and this ended up being the starting point for this website. Furthermore, this has been very helpful as a kind of career guide.

I hope you'll enjoy visiting my site; Thank you!